Our Services

General Building Services, Inc. has a near 30-year track record of successfully completing difficult and challenging structural restoration projects. Our clients can rely on our extensive knowledge of post-tension system, as well as the technical assistance we provide from the pre-construction phase through to completion. Our goal is to be a valued member of the construction team.

Unbonded post-tensioned construction has been used extensively in the construction of numerous multifamily residential and commercial buildings throughout Florida. We have successfully completed the repair of tens of thousands of post tension tendons, which places us among the most experienced post tension repair contractors in the country.

Barrier cable systems are a cost effective, yet elegant solution to provide vehicular and pedestrian fall protection for parking garages that can also enhance the look of the building. We can provide individual repairs, or the removal and replacement of entire garage barrier systems. We can also provide turnkey systems for new construction projects through our sister company, Barrier Cable Constructors, who can take a project from the planning stage through to completion.

When a structure is determined to need supplemental reinforcement, there are two systems that General Building Services, Inc. has utilized to provide the needed strengthening: external post-tensioning and carbon fiber reinforcement.

External Post-tensioning
This is a highly engineered form of repair that can take many forms. We are experienced supplemental post-tensioned reinforcement using steel cables, steel rods, and carbon fiber rods.

Carbon Fiber Reinforcement
This form of supplemental reinforcement is desirable due to its high strength-to-thickness ratio, its light weight makes it easier to use in confined areas, and its noncorrosive which makes it useful in aggressive environĀ¬ments. We have experience using prepreg sheet materials, as well laminated rods and sheets.

Prestress structural members have been used extensively in Florida construction for decades, and we have experience in the successful completion of many projects using a wide variety of specialty techniques and hardware for the repair of prestress cables.